Software for Online Workouts

What is the primary difference between an employer funded exercise program and the traditional gym membership concept that regular people use?

The primary difference is the software. The right software. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Software controls the game and that’s why we can’t even find it when we go out there looking for it. Think about it, you can put your hands on the software of how a typical gym membership is helping people lose weight. If you can put your hands around why a gym membership works, why would anyone continue to spend money going to gym. Once the software is online. People log in their workouts. They find out how many calories they burned. They can track how many calories they’ve eaten for the day and watch their weight change. They can associate weight loss with real numbers and real data. It’s much more motivating than a traditional gym. It’s a game changer.

That’s the major difference. People think it’s really science. It’s not science. It’s the software. The software that the traditional personal trainers have at their disposal, and that data is called historical data, so they already know from a historical perspective what they need to change. What the calorie projections of diet and exercise should be, they know all that data. That’s why they’re working out in the first place. They want to get in shape and they want to lose weight fast. They manage their workouts and diet better than anyone else.

When you take your workouts online, there’s just a beautiful thing about it. You workouts and diet go with you everywhere you go. It doesn’t matter when you like to workout. There are no more excuses for getting in shape and losing weight. You already have everything you need to start exercising at every minute of every day. When you start working out online instead of at the gym, you also can easily track all your personal data because we give you reports every single day, every week, every month on every single workout plan that you ever completed. You have the software. That way you can see what you’re spending where you’re overeating and where you’re burning the most calories.

It’s like an accounting book. What happens if you’ve got all the numbers in front of you? You know how to play the numbers. Gym memberships are about numbers, nothing else. Nothing about people, it’s not about weight loss or quality of life or diet and exercise; it’s about numbers. You have to have the software to know the numbers.

For example, when I think of a gym owner trying to manage the players, keep the place clean and keep the workout equipment up-to-date, it seems like a headache. The personal trainers have problems all the time. It’s when they don’t give to you as a customer what you paid for, is when you run into a major problem.