Online Courses for Who?

In the last post, we touched on the far reaching effects of online education and included an example of a course that can help with stress and neck pain conditions.

It got me thinking: if you can teach an online course on how to recover from TMS or other kinds of back pain, could you teach a course on things like taking blood pressure?MC900439590

I started looking into what was available and I was surprised at what I found.

Naturally, as one would expect, there are scads of courses for becoming educated in the health industry. I’m talking though about personal health.

Could you educate yourself on things like how much sleep you need, what kind of pain is dangerous and what can be “walked off”. Additionally, could you get an online education in supplements that help with joint pain as you age? Or how much walking you should do for optimum fitness? It seems like there should be an online course out there for personal health, but I have yet to find it!

Dr. Oz does show after show on this very kind of thing. It seems like a natural extension to put an online course on his website for people with chronic pain or people who just want to be healthier.

Maybe there’s a possibility here for someone to create a class such as this, but maybe the real reason it hasn’t been done is that no one would take the course.

If you know of a similar course, that I’ve described here please contact me and let me know. If you’ve taken such a course or are currently teaching one, please get in contact with me. I’d love to hear how it’s going.