Learning through Books

Amazon.com is the world’s biggest bookshop and last year they sold over 400 million Kindle Books, probably going to double that this year. It’s the world most trusted online retailer and they’ve got 400 million credit cards on file which has one click purchasing for Kindle Books. Which makes it into a fantastic impulse purchase, which makes our lives a lot easier as Kindle Book publishers. Because we get to sell a lot more books. For all of these reasons it’s a great platform to build your business on. Especially if you are building your own list outside of Amazon so you have control over that list. What we want to do is want to leave … get a book to that tipping point that I talked about earlier.

This is where Amazon starts to promote our books for us and then doing the heavy lifting. What that does is of course it puts your book in front of a super highly targeted audience. These are Kindle Book buyers interested in your topic. The result is long term organic sales where you keep getting sales months and months down the line without having to necessarily do any extra promotions. Any promotions you do after that are it’s like a bonus but you are still getting sales anyway months later. That’s the overview and here are the six steps. Step one is to have an attention grabbing title.

Excuse me while I just get a sip of water. As I probably do this much talking. Step one, an attention grabbing title. This is critical because if you don’t grab somebody’s attention with your title, you’ve already lost the sale. It doesn’t matter how great the book is you’ve lost a sale. A title has two roles, one is to grab attention and the second role is to help your book like in search. First and foremost on Amazon because that’s where your bar is up. Also you have a chance to rank on Google as well because Amazon is such a high authority website. If you are targeting a particular keyword phrase and your Amazon page is optimized around that phrase, there is a good chance that you’ll rank on Google for that.

That can generate hundreds of extra sales every month potentially. Obviously it depends on the keyword but very powerfully. You’ve got much, much more chance of getting your Amazon page to rank on Google than you have the same page on your own website. What I want to do is deal with the search part first and then we’ll go back to how to craft the headlights that you grab people’s attention. Because it says, it’s got this jewel role so, what we want to do ideally is include a mixture of short, medium and long tail keywords in your title. The way we do this, is we have the title and the subtitle work together.