Info on the Kindle Store

I would recommend you always have a working book template and I would recommend that even if you are writing fiction books, okay something most fiction authors tend to overlook. They are missing a really great way of marketing their books. Regardless of what type of book you are writing, just title and the subtitle. The title is primarily the attention grabber never … this is a really important tip so make a note on this. Never … if you’ve got a great title, never sacrifice a great title just for the sake of forcing keywords into it. Hang on to the great title that’s going to grab the attention and use the subtitle to incorporate the keywords.

I’ll come to this idea in a moment but that’s how they work together. For getting the title, it’s a two stage process in terms of the keyword research. First thing we are going to do is we are going to use the Google keyword tool to create a short list. Then the second thing we are going to do is filter that shortlist through Amazon’s Kindle Store search. What I’ll do rather than try and talk this through on a slide, I’ll just show you a quick demonstration. Now anybody who’s not familiar with Google’s keyword term I’m guessing you probably are but if not just Google it, it will come up. You see there it’s come up as the first result on the page.

Going into that and I’m just going to give you an example of paleo diets. This is the Paleolithic diet thing, this is a very popular book at the moment or seeing for books. There are a lot of books on paleo diet coming out. If I search for it, it will takes a couple of seconds for the results to come up. What I’m going to do is you should be able to see my cursor here. If I click in that the keyword ideas, we got a whole list of different keywords here. Of course on the right side we’ve got the number of monthly searches globally and locally. Now these local searches here I think are this is set for the UK. What I would want to do is change that so I was actually if you are having guest time living in the UK.