Digital Fitness

When you switch to a digital system of working out and managing your diet, you’re managing that fitness and health level every day, every week. I’m not even saying you have to manage it to the point where you’re getting away from your every day life. If you’re not in the health and fitness industry, you don’t want to have to be worried about all that. You want to do personal training or workout classes or online gym memberships or whatever you do to get enough exercise. That’s what you want to focus on. When you’re talking about managing fitness, you hired us as a gym and trainer to do that for you.

The better that we do it for you, the more we’re going to keep your costs down versus the bigger companies like 24 Hour Fitness, who are not doing that for you. They’re managing costs for themselves. They’re not managing costs for you. You’re not that special to them. In our case, you will be that special to us because you are our client and we know our success depends on how well we provide for your fitness needs in the fitness options that we create for you. That gives us a real advantage in terms of what helps us to manage fitness clients better than the competition.

Let me just say this to my fitness clients at large, I want you all to just take a step back and think about what the real purpose of getting in shape is about. It’s about improving your life, feeling good and looking good. It’s about helping you, as a person, live longer so you can provide better for your team and your community. When you are healthier you are happier. When you are happier, the people around you are happier. Getting in shape actually helps you and your community be more successful in so many ways. Everyone is different. Online fitness programs put you in a position to get the control of your health and fitness and weight loss.

It does require making some basic changes in how you eat and how much time you spend sedentary. Sometimes our fitness clients look at the diet changes and the responsibility of workout plans and all the things that we do behind the scenes. We want you to meet your fitness goals. We want you to lose weight and finally be healthy. We tell you everything that you have to do to lose weight and get in shape. Sometime clients will get intimidated by that or get a little fearful of, “I don’t want to be bothered by all that.” On the fitness side they see none of that, but they see it in their gym memberships being 400, 500 percent more than it should be. You have a choice to make.

Either you get involved and let us help manage that process for you … Even though we tell you all this information, we don’t want to confuse you. We just want you to know that it’s available for you if you ever want to change your body or reach your ideal weight. We’re going to get your fitness costs down by 50 to 70 percent only because you’re involved. That’s what digital exercise is about. It’s about an opportunity for you to control your own destiny and you are going to take some ownership in how to manage your own health.

Our politicians always talk about those who are more responsible than others. They’re talking to you as a person. You have to be more responsible in taking care of your health and fitness. We want to be able to help you do that. We know that through history and through the last three or four years of studying this process of health and weight loss. We knew where the market was going. It was going digital. And I personally, not until three years ago, got into the business of online gyms because I knew that’s where the health and fitness market was headed. I made a change in my team structure from traditional gym memberships to online workouts and personal trainers, because I understood where the fitness market was going.

You, as an individual, are going to have to make that same change if you want to continue affording your fitness. Understand where the market is going and you’ve got to go with that change and trust your common sense about gym memberships costing an arm and a leg. I must take some responsibility to make sure I’m managing my care better than what the traditional companies like Total Fitness are doing. That’s what taking your EXERCISE online can help you do.