Software solutions for trainers

I want my clients to hear this loud and clear. You can only control your health and your weight loss if you get involved. You cannot sit on the sidelines and expect your personal trainer to manage your health and obesity as well as you would manage it because you’re the one paying for it and it’s your body.

Right now what clients are doing, they’re paying a gym membership and they’re handing it off to the personal trainers. They have no involvement, they have no say in the matter. Therefore, they’re not managing anything. When you start doing your workouts online instead of at the gym, you hire us to be your back office as your administrator. We manage all the tracking and progress for you and give you the reports and the software you need to be able to make decisions about your fitness or diet.

We don’t wait until the end of a year for you to know that you need to step up your cardio or increase your weight training. Do you want to know that the next day or do you want to know that at the end of the year? That’s what I call managing fitness because the minute a workout plan hits, we’ve got to put systems in place to negate that workout plan and diet plan. If you don’t get that information until the end of the year, that’s too late.

When you workout through an online gym, you manage your fitness and diet every day through a process of tracking and progress scoring. When you go to a traditional gym, you’re not managing anything but the cost of your gym membership. That’s the world of a difference for our business with fitness clients. With weight loss programs, one thing I just want to reach out to my clients and say is whether you like working out or you don’t, the reality is this: you’re going to be required to make some serious changes. That’s called get involved in your health by having the software to manage your weight and fitness levels better.

I tell people every day if you had a workout routine and you had a gym membership, do you handle your fitness by handing your workout routine to your gym and say, “Just do whatever you need to do and come back and tell me what I need to pay you at the end of the day?”

Do you tell your gym, “Give me my exercise routing and you’re going to sit down here and go over this with me until I understand it so I can lose weight and get in shape.” Is that what you’re doing?

That’s basically the choices our clients are going to have to make. Customized workout routines are putting the responsibility for health and fitness on the individuals if they really want to lose weight and get fit.

You have clients out there complaining and screaming about gym costs, yet they’re not making any changes. Well, you will continue to get what you’re getting, and that is over-paying for personal trainers, over-paying for gym memberships simply because you’re not involved. It’s like you’re letting the gym get away with murder. I can really say that. You’re letting them get away with robbery and that’s because they know you’re not paying attention.