Online Fitness Plans

When you get a rate increase, 20 percent in the cost of your software, 18 percent in payroll, you have a problem. You call up your software provider and you ask, “Why do I have this rate increase? I need to see that data to help me understand why you increased my rates?” They’re going to laugh at you. They don’t have the software and they’re not giving it to you. That’s the difference between the two. It’s that simple.

EXERCISE as mentioned earlier, is a lifestyle choice, so how are you able to charge the online gym memberships that you do and lower costs compared to other gyms?

Let me just say that our fitness community out there is doing a great job. They’re doing everything they can in order to serve their clients. That’s something that I must commend them on. I take pride in the fact that of always being outside the box when it comes to exercise and fitness programs that we offer. We go find systems and networks and we negotiate in ways that other gyms don’t. Other gyms do what they’re told to do by the personal trainers.

Other gyms don’t have a lot of say in what the rates are, in what the workout plan designs are. They only present to you what the personal trainers give to them to present to you. I’ve always wanted to get paid for my performance as an athlete. I don’t want to get paid to be told what to do. We take pride in going out and creating our own workout system to compete and give our trainers access to the information and the software that we can discount better than those other gyms.

If you just do what you’re told to do in your fitness routine, you really don’t do much for your body or your health. But when you control the process of what you’re doing in your entire workout, it brings a lot of value to your overall fitness and health efforts. You can actually see yourself improving week to week. We show them how to build muscle and design and manage a lasting workout regimen. That’s why we’re able to get their costs down. Other gyms simply present to you what the personal trainers give them to present to you. That’s the world of a difference right there.