Online Courses for Back Pain?

As outrageous as it sounds, online learning has finally moved beyond the typical math, history and science and into personal growth. By this I don’t mean a Photoshop skills class or online cooking instruction. I’m talking about your health. Is it taking it too far to treat our health online?

It certainly wouldn’t seem unreasonable to teach healthy eating habits or new work out regimens through an online course. However, what if I were to tell you that you could address something as complicated sounding as Tension Myositis Syndrome from your home computer?

This just tells you that the software for eduction has become incredibly affordable and increasingly available. Not only that, it must be awfully intuitive to use.

The class I referenced earlier is a course for a type of chronic pain condition discovered by Dr. Sarno. He retired and no longer treats it, and thus there was an unmet demand for learning about this type of pain syndrome.

The guy apparently treated thousands of patients. These were people that were desperate. No one else could seem to help them. Many claim he transformed their lives. Some even say he saved their life. Imagine how many people he could have helped if he had an online school to reach out to them. Unfortunately at that time there was no software available to achieve something along those lines. We didn’t even have an effective way to interface on the web, let alone convey information to desperate people.

Now, his legacy will live on through online courses that can continue to reach people through their laptop or home computers. All of this is thanks to software. Without it, this simply would not be possible. On that note, people can also access the course on a tablet–even a phone, though it’s not recommended. Patients get to interact, fill out histories and develop insights through assessments operating on a basic software that nearly any school can afford–and it costs the patient nothing more than the price of tuition.

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